What We Feed Our Horses

Meal Mix:

  • 3 x bags of 12% Romix Meal (not cubes)
  • 1 x bag of Wheat Bran
  • 125g Calcium
  • Mix all of the above together thoroughly.

Equi Feeds

On Horses Day Off:

Start first Sunday with 10g of  Epsom Salts, then increase dosage every Sunday by 10g until you reach 70g of Epsom Salts.
Take 1 scoop Bran + half scoop Meal + 70g Epsom Salts (or whatever dosage of Epsom Salts you are currently on this Sunday) mixed with warm water. Mix into warm Bran Mash.
This will flush the horses system of toxins, pesticides etc.

Deworming Programme

January, May and September

  • Dose Pegasole Oral Paste

March, July and November

  • 1st day: dose 8ml Clove Liquid (orally)
  • 2nd day : dose 25g Herbal De-worming Powder mixed in Sunflower oil (orally)

Foals –  half dose from 2 months old

Distributed by: Winning Performance, Lester 033 343 1150