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Valley’ Rising Music, born on Christmas day 2010, has been our greatest gift to date. He is a carefully sought out product of a long standing breeding vision. His sire was the gifted Valley’s Rising Sun (out of our legendary Valley’s Cloudburst) and his dam, the fully imported, My Snapdragon. My Snapdragon was chosen specifically to enhance the Mountain View bloodlines, referring back to her G5 lineage. The G5, Oman’s Desdemona Denmark, re-enhances our originally imported bloodline, now re-enforced in Valley’s Rising Music, both by his sire and his dam. He is further a combination of  well proven bloodlines like Firefly Wing, Hi Wing, Maggie o Lee, Supreme o Lee, Chattanooga and Yorktown, the result, a sought after, new gene pool of the greats.

This phenomenal young stud is the ultimate version of the modern American Saddlebred, yet genetically he is vintage. He is sporty, extremely athletic, possesses a phenomenally gifted style of motion, exhibits strong masculine attributes and is a reflection of distinct quality.

He was introduced to a herd of mares during the 2014/15 breeding seasons. His first foals now at foot. We are excited to proclaim that they are taking our vision to an entirely new level with their extreme beauty and natural athletic ability.



Sir Silver Music


Valley’s Rising Music x Lady Eve



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Sir Silver Music is the progeny of Valley’s Rising Music and an exquisite import Valley’s Lady Eve.  Lady Eve has imprinted the legendary and superb  genes of World Champion Sir Silver Knight and World Champion My New Years Eve  into this unique young colt.

Sir Silver Music is an exciting prospect. He is the next generation of combined African and imported genetics with breeding potential. He boasts natural animation, perfect confirmation and elegance. He is admirable, a beautiful imitation of his rich heritage.

Valley’s Musical Princess


Valley’s Rising Music x Valley’s Dreamtime



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Valley’s Musical Princess is sired by Valley’s Rising Music. Her dam, the beautiful, Valley’s Dreamtime. This filly is a carefully planned masterpiece, delivering a classically rare gene pool. She is directly lined to Valley’s Cloudburst, Valley Music, Fire Fly Wing, Hi Wing, Wing Commander, Shalako and Young Lover.

Her remarkable bloodline, substantial top line, quality of conformation, soft temperament, natural motion and intelligence make her a sought after filly, fit to become part of our elite broodmare herd when she becomes of age

Valley’s Nutcracking Music


Valley’s Rising Music x Nutcracker’s African Dream (IMP)



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The eye catching, Valley’s Nutcracking Music  is by Valley’s Rising Music and a special import, Nutcrackers African Dream. Valley’s African Dream has added an heroic expression to this filly’s make-up, delivering treasured elements from Undulata’s Nutcracker, Will Shriver, Vanity’s Sensation of Credibilly, New Yorker, My New Years Eve, Yorktown, Chanitilly Rose and the great, Supreme Sultan.

Valley’s Nutcracking Music is an exaggeration of the perfect specimen, she is extravagant, a legend in the making.

Valley’s Wild Music


Valley’s Rising Music x Vengel Cara-mel



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Valley’s Wild Music, sired by Valley’s Rising Music and out of the charming, Venngel Cara-Melle. This colt’s ancestral heredity is renowned for strength, class, agility and motion. Firefly Wing, High Wing, Wing Commander, Beau Fortune, Valley View Supreme, Vida’s United States, Mr USA (IMP), Ben Gurion and Duke of Denmark the core genes in this young colt.

Valley’s Wild Music is a magnificent reflection of tradition meeting vision, his future legacy clearly pronounced. He is perfect portrayal of royalty awaiting to claim his crown in the winner’s circle.

Valley’s New York Music


Valley’s Rising Music x Kalarama’s Morning Star



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Valley’s New York Music is an elegant combination of Valley’s Rising Music and the imported Kalarama’s Morning Star. His dam, carefully selected to match re-enforced line breeding, accentuating My Snapdragon, dame of Valley’s Rising Music and Oman’s Desdemona Denmark, the heart of our original bloodline.  I’m a New Yorker, Yorktown, Wing Commander, First Night Out and Night Prowler also portrayed significant features in this young colt.

This colt is a prime representation of elegance, refinement and gracefulness. His magnificence and sophistication so clearly visible.

Valley’s Musical Light

Picture taken  03.06.17


Valley’s Musical Light, one of Valley’s Rising Music’s first colts to enter the training circuit.

He closely resembles his sire with his natural beauty, athletic ability and stature. He shows promises to excite and entertain us as he develops to his full potential.

Sire: Valley’s Rising Music…


These prized stallions are available to select outside mares.

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