Valley’s Dance In The Clouds

Valley's Dance in the Clouds



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Dance In The Clouds is an exceptionally talented young four year old mare. She exhibits typical features of her sire, naturally high head carriage, well sprung from the rib, strong sloped shoulder, wide chest, strong hind quarter, beautiful movement, whilst remaining feminine. She is light in her bridle, sensible, athletic, has a good attitude and is always interested in her surroundings.

Over the past few months, we have started preparing her for the show arena, she has recently been taught to rack. She thrilled the crowd at her debut show at the National Championships 2016, winning a 3rd place ribbon in the four year old Five gaited division championship.

Dance In The Clouds will be a perfect partner for a lady or child. Her elegant composure, combined with her incredible temperament are traits also suitable as an equitation prospect.