Established American Saddle Horse breeders since 1980

  • We are Saddle Horse Breeders situated in the Sunday’s River Valley, Eastern Cape in Southern Africa. The area is hardy and mountainous, yet delicate and lush. The rich acreage of grass fields surrounded by stretches of dense bushy meadows, so adequately suited for our equine breeding program.  Our farmstead, training barn, breeding facility, paddocks and bush camps are all strategically placed on the farm, enabling us round the clock proficiency to pet, nurture and safeguard our cherished and prized horses.

    To the best of our ability, we have created a balanced environment. We have imitated their natural needs into a modern setting, predominantly projecting an ambiance of safety, love and respect. We encourage training methods based on basic Equus communication principles, allowing our horses to respond fearlessly with human interaction. We emphasize that their learning abilities are increased in a calm and tranquil atmosphere and avoid pushing them beyond their natural capabilities. We call this, ‘The Mountain View Way’.

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  • Our passion for the American Saddle Horse was ignited in 1980 when my father, Charlie Bolton, introduced us into the discipline. He gradually purchased a show team of Saddlebreds for competition and showing. We loved the game immensely and rapidly became interested in being Saddle Horse Breeders to train, show and compete with. Little did we know then, that this little probe, would lead us on this incredible and enchanting  journey.
    In 1980, we visited the heart of the American Saddlebred industry in Kentucky, USA in search of a firm foundation for our breeding program.  We were welcomed into an entirely new world. This country was overwhelming, filled by elaborate horses and the greatest of horseman.

We were introduced to the Crabtree family, where we lost our hearts on the stallion Valley Music and three exceptional broodmares, Wild Valley, Designers Model and Wild Woods Lovely Creation. It didn’t take much to convince us that this was our way forward. We bought this breeding group and imported them. They became the alpha and omega of our newly found breeding program.

  • Valley Music

    Valley Music

  • Wild Valley

    Wild Valley

Designer’s model arrived in South Africa, in foal by Carrigan. The young colt, Wild Spirit was born in South Africa, yet he remained fully imported.   We kept him a stud and later bred the legendary Valley’s Cloudburst from his first South African bred filly, Nataniels Acrobatic Angel

  • Wild Spirit

    Wild Spirit

  • Lady in Flight

    Lady in Flight

  • Nataniels Acrobatic Angel

    Nataniels Acrobatic Angel

As soon as the mares were ready, we introduced them to the imported stud Valley Music.

  • Valley’s Wild Wind

    Valley’s Wild Wind

  • Valley’s Cloudburst

    Valley’s Cloudburst

We realized how privileged we were to be the proud breeders of such quality and beauty. We were indebted to the wisdom shared with us on our overseas trip and we remain forever thankful to Mr Charles Crabtree and Mr Red Crabtree for their sound guidance and the solid platform sold to us on that special USA visit.  The four horses purchased changed our perspective and created a whole new vision.

In 1995, I took over and started managing our stud farm. We built an indoor stable yard facility, fully equipped with outdoor arenas and paddocks. The new block served fit to accommodate the stabling and training program for the horses we were breeding.
Under the direction of Clive Cawood, I earned a spot on the National Saddle Seat team, representing Team South Africa against the USA in 1988. My passion for the horse business gradually spilled over to my daughter Kristie and my one son, Mikhail. They are both still competitive in the show arena. Kristie went on to earn her National Protea Colors and represented South Africa in 2005 in International competitions and Saddle Seat World Cup 2006. Mikhail, holds a number of Children’s South African Championship ribbons, starting his amateur debut this show season

My daughter set her sights far and beyond this country’s borders. In 2006, Kristie broadened our vision and strategized a plan to incorporate a new and dynamic gene pool to our program.  She approached a renowned breeder, Miss Joan Hamilton of Springfield, Kentucky, USA , whom, warm heartedly assisted us to the next phase of  our master plan.

Miss Hamilton simultaneously advised Kristie to purchase My New Years Eve and My Snapdragon.  Miss Hamilton managed the mares at Kalarama Farms on our behalf. This was the start of Krisitie’s new endeavor abroad.

My Snapdragon was in foal to I’m a New Yorker when we took possession of her. We were thrilled by the birth of the filly Kalarama’s Morning Star in 2007.

Miss Hamilton further suggested we collect embryos from My New Years Eve and implant them in donor mares during her first breeding season with us. Through the collection and implanting of embryos, two fillies were born to her in 2009 at Kalarama Farms, United States of America. These two fillies, Valley’s Chilli Pepper (sired by General Steel) and Valley’s Lady Eve (sired by Sir Silver Knight) were bred with the intention of later importing them to South Africa.

An in depth study of the shortfalls of our South African breeding program, led us to pairing My New Years Eve to the world renowned, Undulata’s Nutcracker. She foaled another beautiful filly in 2010, Nutcrackers African Dream.

With the new bloodlines and secured starred genetic pools, we decided to import our four US born fillies, Nutcrackers African Dream, Valley’s Chilli Pepper, Kalarama’s Morning Star and Valley’s Lady Eve as well as the broodmare, My Snapdragon to our South African breeding program. My Snapdragon was certified in foal to Harlem’s Globetrotter at the time of her import. She foaled an exquisite colt in 2008 on South African soil.

Once the mares were settled in their new environment, we introduced them to the South African pool of mares. We decided to import semen through Miss Hamilton from Harlem’s Globetrotter and Harlem’s Hot Dice to inseminate some of our South African Bloodlines and zealously paired the imported mares with Valley’s Rising Sun and Valley’s Cloudburst.  We manifested purpose filled case studies on the bloodlines at hand and in accordance to specific needs, mare’s  were matched with stallions in order to produce a line of progeny, unmatched to our original plan and a blueprint of the new and designated future course of action.

One of our special deliveries was the birth of our young stud Valley’s Rising Music.  Our import, My Snapdragon was bred to the South African, Valley’s Rising Sun, specifically to re-enforce and enhance our original imported lines from the early 1980’s. The G5 lineage, Omans Desdemona Denmark, fully represented in both the sire and the dame, added a new yet proven gene pool to our existing program.

We are delighted with the outcome, our foals are the prototype of the, true to type, Saddle horse. Their ancestry is proven; they bear ideal conformation and retain an eccentric style of beauty, whilst exhibiting a unique touch of African hardiness.  Our aim is to offer the showmen dynamic and athletic horses, with diverse bloodlines, specializing in the phenomenal five gaited horse.

My New Years Eve

My New Years Eve


Valley`s Chilli Pepper sired by General Steel

Valley's Lady Eve

Valley`s Lady Eve


Valley`s Lady Eve sired by Sir Silver Knight 


Nutcracker’s African Dream


Undulata’s Nutcracker

My New Years Eve was put in foal to Undulata’s Nutcracker giving us Nutcrackers African Dream in 2010. All three fillies were imported into South Africa enriching our breeding Program.

Then in 2007 we bought the mare My Snapdragon who was in foal to I’m a New Yorker. The filly Kalarama’s Morning Star was born in 2007. Snapdragon was then imported to South Africa in foal to Harlem Globetrotter.

My Snapdragon

My Snapdragon

I’m A New Yorker

I’m A New Yorker

Morning Star

Morning Star

My Snapdragon was put in foal to Valley’s Rising Sun giving us Valley’s Rising Music.


Valley’s Rising Sun

Valley’s Rising Music

Valley’s Rising Music

We then also got semen from Joan Hamilton of Harlem Globetrotter and Harlem’s Hot Dice, further enriching our bloodlines.

  • Harlem’s Globetrotter

    Harlem’s Globetrotter

  • Harlems-Hot-Dice

    Harlem’s Hot Dice