Res-Q-Tack Hot, Cold and Magnetic Therapy Equipment is a unique product designed by an Equine Physiotherapist. The range is designed for easy application and aids in healing areas that are affected by strains, injuries and pain in the Horse. Res-Q-Tack should be in every rider’s tack box. The equipment is easy and safe to leave on the horse for the recommended time to aid in healing. The tack is made from durable, washable fabric and is relatively inexpensive. Res-Q-Tack is a Three-In-One Therapy set for the application of Hot, Cold and Magnetic Therapy. This range fits horses from 13 – 17 hands.

Advantages of using Res-Q-Tack

* Helps to speed up recovery from injuries to muscles and joints. *An effective way to control pain from
injuries, surgery or old age. * Reduces inflammation and muscle spasm. * Reduces pain and stiffness associated with arthritic problems. * Speeds up recovery and cools after excess exercise. * Can be used immediately and safely after injuries and sprains which then facilitates the job of the Physiotherapist and vet.

Advantages of Cold Therapy

Instant application of ice on an injury or strained muscle reduces inflammation and swelling enabling the body to repair quickly. Cold therapy is useful to reduce swelling and bring comfort from pain.

Advantages of Heat TherapyHot, Cold, Magnets.JPG

Application of heat to an injury or sprained area promotes healing by relaxing the muscles and joints and stimulating circulation which in turn
helps to heal.

Advantages of Magnetic Therapy

Creating a magnetic field around an injured area provides natural pain relief and improves blood flow in the affected area. The muscles are relaxed and the lymphatic system is stimulated allowing toxins to flush out more effectively.

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