Half Spoon Reversible Link

Half Spoon Reversible Link

R 878.00

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Cheek Piece:

–   Half Spoon Straight  – The Half Spoon has only a lower half of a full cheek. The cheek is usually a cylindrical shape, preventing pinching on the sides of the mouth. The bit provides some lateral guiding and is more fixed in the mouth than the Loose Ring.

Mouth Pieces:

–  Reversible Link (2mm) – The 2mm Reversible Link is designed exclusively for the Blue Ribbon Saddler range. The links allow the mouth piece to wrap over the tongue, the links are stronger than the Waterford due to the reduced surface area. This versatile bit can be flipped and used either way with the teeth edge providing a sharper mouth piece while the smoother curved edge creates a more forgiving and softer bit. Great bit for the experienced rider.