Course Information

We are offering a complete practical learning program for the next generation of horseman interested in pursuing a career in the equine industry.


Mountain View Stables and its Professionally qualified staff, are offering a unique opportunity to combine a theoretical foundation coupled with a riding and training program. Our mission is to produce a well rounded professional equestrian with strong riding skills while remaining categorically committed to the horse and its well being. The course will cover all aspects of boarding, stable management, breeding, and nutrition. The successful candidate will be guided on how to instruct equitation and intensely cover the art of professional equine training.

On graduating and provision that the candidate meets the given criteria, they will be awarded a certificate of competence as a Saddlebred Trainer.

Due to the nature and requirements of the course and its material, we unfortunately cannot offer a guarantee to certify candidates as trainers on completion of the course; this depends solely on the candidate’s personal growth, ability and dedication. The candidate would still need to submit their application within their designated disciplines for Professional status.

We are dedicated to the successful completion of the trainee program by the approved applicant. In order for us to deliver a professional and functional service to the hopeful candidate, a comprehensive pre-screening and evaluation will be done prior to applicant approval.

Your application will only be considered if you are:

  • Dedicated, of sober habits and free from personality altering drugs
  • Your riding must be on a level, favorable for improvement under instruction. You will be required to submit a short video demonstrating your riding proficiency (include footage of mounting, trotting, cantering, reign back and dismounting)
  • Physically capable to perform all duties pertaining to equine management
  • Basic knowledge of equine health and function
  • Sound knowledge of Equus communication based on the Monty Roberts techniques
  • Capable of grooming and tacking up

Accommodation, transport and remuneration

  • You will be responsible for your own accommodation and meals
  • You will be responsible for your own transport to the training facility
  • You would need to be on your own personal medical aid
  • Commit to working as a professional horse trainer in the jurisdiction of the Society (South Africa) for a period of 5 years following the completion of this Course.

Feel free to contact us telephonically on +27 (83) 6161294, electronically on with further queries or visit our website to learn more about us,

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