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    RSA agent: Irene van der Westhuizen
    Contact number: +27 83 616 1294


  • Impact Pad 5 FLAT

    Price R95 per pair

    Function and description:

    Flat shock absorbing plastic pad for protection against impact and ground forces

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  • Impact-Pad-5LONG-O

  • Impact Pad L2 Wedge

    Price R95 per pair

    Function and description:

    Wedged shock absorbing plastic pad for protection against impact and ground forces. Used as a corrective measure for under run heals.

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  • Impact-Pad-L2-O

  • Spurs

    Price R650

    Function and description:

    An enhanced aid, worn in pairs on the riders heels to encourage forward impulsion or teaching lateral movements

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  • Saddler-Spurs-O

  • Safety Stirrup Irons

    Price R912

    Function and description:

    Light balanced frame supporting the foot. Safety slant, distributing rider weight on the ball of the foot and encourages the rider to remain over the optimal point of the horses centre of balance.

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  • Saddler-Stirrup-Irons-O

  • Shoe Bands

    Price R35 per pair

    Function and description:

    Light clamp that is secured to padding under the horses hoof, distributes the weight centre over the entire hoof instead of just on the binding nails.

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  • Shoe Bands (2)

  • Saddle and Bridle stand

    Price R900

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  • Saddle and Bridle Stand